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I had the pleasure to attend this year’s hackercamp in the Netherlands, the SHA2017 (“Still Hacking Anyways”). After missing out on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015, I immediately grabbed a ticket as soon as they were available.

As for the congress each year, I grouped up with the local hackspace Mainframe and became part of the village. We arrived at day -1, so we caught the last bits of the buildup, while setting up our village ourselves. This was the first time I took part on a hackercamp, so I was excited like a little child about the event.

SHA2017 badge dating app

The event itself is too complex for me to describe properly. I will try to give you the basic ingredients of the camp, as I experienced it:

camping essentials

The infrastructure was pretty good. We hat power on the whole site (well, except for day -1), and the uplink consisted in sum of 230GB/s, plus 10GB/s in reserve. The showers and toilets were usable at most times and cleaned regularly, and were well distributed along with the drinking water.
It was raining fairly much and some areas of the camping site became muddy pretty fast. But not to an extend where you couldn’t deal with it.
You were told to stay quiet though after 00:00/01:00, which was a bit weird. Obviously, it didn’t work that well, but it was probably part of the contract to rent the site.

To list only some of the stuff I was able to grasp during the event:

I could go on for hours…

not shown: tesla coils

I haven’t seen all the talks I wanted to watch yet, but there weren’t many “must see” talks in for me anyways. I hope I’ll catch on over the next few weeks.
All in all it was a pretty fun event to attend, although I noticed some room for improvement. I will visit such events in the future though, and I’m looking forward for the Chaoscamp in two years. I’m unsure about visiting the Electro Magnetic Field though, which will be next year again. Mostly because of the logistics of traveling to the UK.
But first, there will be this year’s congress in Leipzig for the first time. See you there! (^_^)/

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For the lulz, some things I learned at the event: