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Gemini PDA: A keymat update

Last year I wrote about the Gemini PDA, which I received by taking part in a crowdfunding campaign. By that time I was super disappointed with the keyboard which has been advertised as a “mechanical full keyboard” (feel free to check the technical specifications on the Indiegogo campaign site), but in fact was a rubber dome one that was pretty underwhelming to type on.
From that realisation on, after some initial experiments with the Debian technical preview, my Gemini caught dust on the shelf.

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F(x)tec announces the Pro1 slider phone

I’ve always had a thing for smartphones with a physical keyboard. The first phones I really used were the Sony Xperia mini pro, which was surprisingly good to type on, and a Motorola Milestone 2 (aka Droid 2 global). I also own a Nokia N900 and a Motorola Milestone 4, since I know at least some Linux mainline work is done for those. Plus I have some unfinished business with my Gemini PDA.

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Running the “MediaTek SP Flash Tool” on Arch Linux

I’ve taken my Gemini PDA from the shelf lately, since I got updates on the keyboard that I deemed to terrible to use. The keyboard update will get a separate post once it’s finished.

I would like to use the Gemini as kind of a “mobile terminal” running Linux without a graphical interface. That’s a thing I would have to build on my own though, so I’m trying to get all the required parts figured out and running.

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The Nerds’ Underground Art Scene

The demoscene is something I stumbled upon not too long ago. While I’m not a real contributer myself, I enjoy the company of the open and welcoming sceners, plus their parties are really fun. If you should ever suffer from a serious lack of inspiration and motivation to do something creative, I highly recommend visiting a demoparty and starting conversations with the other attendees.

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Gemini PDA

Last year around this time was the first time I made a bigger contribution to a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo: the Gemini PDA

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Revision 2018

Revision is the name of the world’s biggest Demoscene party there is today, and I shared the experience this year.

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I had the pleasure to attend this year’s hackercamp in the Netherlands, the SHA2017 (“Still Hacking Anyways”). After missing out on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015, I immediately grabbed a ticket as soon as they were available.

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Nordlicht 2017

Last weekend was my first time to attend the Nordlicht demoparty, which was also my first visit to a demoparty at all (“demo” as in demoscene).

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