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 Gramatik - Re:Coil, Pt. II

This album is made of pure positivity, I think.

 London Elektricity – ‘Building Better Worlds’

This drum and bass symphony is beyond beautiful. Listen to it.

Why I like grey

Cuxhaven’s grey skies

This is why grey feels alive for me, opposed to liveless and dull. Grey skies and a firm, salty wind in my face is where I feel at home.

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 36th Chaos Communication Congress

I will attend 36C3, the 36th Chaos Communication Congress. I will be hanging around at the Mainframe assembly, and I will help with running a new *OC that will have its debut this year.

 20 Jahre Camp—die Evolution des Chaos Communication Camps

Aus der Gruppe, die 1999 das erste Camp organisiert hat, reden Tim, Andre und Markus über die Verschmelzung von Open-Air- und Hacker-kultur.

Tim hat gemeinsam mit den Pyonen – Andre und Markus – das erste Camp 1999 ins Rollen gebracht. Gemeinsam blicken sie zurück auf die Entstehungsgeschichte des Camps und die besonderen Herausforderungen bei der Planung und Logistik des Events.

 Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence

An extensive piece containing tips on how to approach writing blog articles.

 Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Do no harm, but take no shit.

 Day[9]'s Musings - Being Relentlessly Positive

Rather than do a Day[9] Daily, I'll be giving mini-lectures on topics that interest me. […] Ever wondered about my relentless positivity? Well, let's hear my thoughts on it :D

 Of Course You've Messed Up

This is a film for those moments when we (again) hit rock bottom, when we're back in that old familiar place where nothing feels right, we hate ourselves and the future looks bleak. It's so easy to be sad - but maybe there could be another option? Maybe we could learn to make friends with despair and move beyond it...

 Microsoft, there is a way to win our trust

A nice piece that sums up my gut feeling about Microsoft’s recent position on Linux and FOSS. In my opinion it’s worth a read, and if it’s only to get another perspective on the topic.

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