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 Zardonic Recordings

I think one of the earlier encounters I had with electronic music—apart from remixes I found on gnutella—was the Zardonic netlabel, which no longer seems to holds a publicly accessible archive of its music anymore. It is one of the places filled with darker drumstep and drum and bass, namely “Skullstep”, if that is a thing.
Just recently I stumbled upon its place on archive.org, where the releases have been archived and I can now happily relive that part of groing up and beginning to appreciate dark and distorted breakbeats, if not breakbeats in general.

A find that really brightened (or well, darkened) my day.

 Mahatma Gandhi

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.

 Return to Midgar: 8 Records Inspired by “Final Fantasy VII”

It’s rare that a remake is greeted with universal enthusiasm—usually, for every nostalgic fan there are at least five skeptics bracing for a letdown. But when the HD remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced, the news was greeted with wall-to-wall cheers. Square’s JRPG masterpiece, originally released in 1997, is not just a beloved video game—it’s a cultural phenomenon that has spawned full-length films and countless spin-off. […] To celebrate the return of this cultural icon, here are eight remixes and releases inspired by Final Fantasy VII.

 Corona geht gerade erst los

Kitas, Schulen, Geschäfte sind geschlossen, soziale Kontakte auf ein Minimum eingeschränkt. Viele sind gerade arbeits- oder auftragslos, Andere arbeiten sich gerade kaputt, um das Land am Laufen zu halten. Wie lange müssen wir diesen Ausnahmezustand aushalten und wie können wir schnellstmöglich zur Normalität zurück kommen?So viel vorweg: Es wird länger dauern, als die meisten denken.

Update: Es gab noch ein Nachfolgevideo über verkürzte oder falsche Darstellungen von Fakten in den Medien, und wie so etwas zustande kommen kann: Virologen-Vergleich



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 Energy wasting habits that stop your growth

With this article, my aim is to increase our awareness about the bad habits that we tend to ignore and give some tips on how to fight them.

 [Postponed] Poppy—I disagree tour

On St. Patrick’s Day I’ll be in Amsterdam going to Poppy’s I disagree show at Melkweg.

UPDATE: Due to the currently ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this tour has been postponed to a yet unknown date.

 Protagony One: Joi

Relating to characters in a movie, by example of Joi from Blade Runner 2049, the hologram built to love its owner, and the only agency it has.

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