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 Verordnung zur Durchführung des Niedersächsischen Bildungsurlaubsgesetzes

Die oben verlinkte Verordnung verhindert ein weiteres Jahr, dass das Land Niedersachsen auf der Bildungsurlaubskarte für den Chaos Communication Congress rot markiert ist.

Konkret ist §2 (1) das Problem:

Bildungsveranstaltungen können unter folgenden Voraussetzungen anerkannt werden:

  1. gleichbleibender Teilnehmerkreis mit in der Regel höchstens 50 Personen,

Das soll jawohl ein Witz sein!

Danke Johannes, der auf den entsprechenden Tweet geantwortet hat.

Mein Besuch beim Amt für Verbraucherschutz und Veterinärwesen

Ende Mai 2019 habe ich ein paar Anfragen via Topf Secret gestellt, welches eine Zusammenarbeit von FragDenStaat und foodwatch ist. Dabei wird es Verbrauchern ziemlich einfach gemacht Lebensmittelkontrollberichte zu Restaurants, Kneipen, Imbissen, etv. anzufragen.

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 GOTO 2019 • Why Open Source Firmware is Important • Jessie Frazelle

This talk will dive into some of the problems of running servers at scale with data from surveys and how open source firmware can solve some of those problems. Why is it important for security and root of trust? It will also cover the state of open source firmware [...]

 Gramatik - Re:Coil, Pt. II

This album is made of pure positivity, I think.

 London Elektricity – ‘Building Better Worlds’

This drum and bass symphony is beyond beautiful. Listen to it.

Why I like grey

Cuxhaven’s grey skies

This is why grey feels alive for me, opposed to liveless and dull. Grey skies and a firm, salty wind in my face is where I feel at home.

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 36th Chaos Communication Congress

I will attend 36C3, the 36th Chaos Communication Congress. I will be hanging around at the Mainframe assembly, and I will help with running a new *OC that will have its debut this year.

 20 Jahre Camp—die Evolution des Chaos Communication Camps

Aus der Gruppe, die 1999 das erste Camp organisiert hat, reden Tim, Andre und Markus über die Verschmelzung von Open-Air- und Hacker-kultur.

Tim hat gemeinsam mit den Pyonen – Andre und Markus – das erste Camp 1999 ins Rollen gebracht. Gemeinsam blicken sie zurück auf die Entstehungsgeschichte des Camps und die besonderen Herausforderungen bei der Planung und Logistik des Events.

 Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence

An extensive piece containing tips on how to approach writing blog articles.

Do no harm, but take no shit.

~ Moïra Fowley-Doyle ~
 Day[9]'s Musings - Being Relentlessly Positive

Rather than do a Day[9] Daily, I'll be giving mini-lectures on topics that interest me. […] Ever wondered about my relentless positivity? Well, let's hear my thoughts on it :D

 Of Course You've Messed Up

This is a film for those moments when we (again) hit rock bottom, when we're back in that old familiar place where nothing feels right, we hate ourselves and the future looks bleak. It's so easy to be sad - but maybe there could be another option? Maybe we could learn to make friends with despair and move beyond it...

 Microsoft, there is a way to win our trust

A nice piece that sums up my gut feeling about Microsoft’s recent position on Linux and FOSS. In my opinion it’s worth a read, and if it’s only to get another perspective on the topic.

 Omega Tau 315 – Modeling Socio-Technical Systems

Today I listened to this (english) podcast episode from 2019-06-14. The guest in this episode is Igor Nikolic and together they talk about how humans, systems, models and simulations. It’s a good opportunity to get an explanation of the basics and some relation to e.g. the power grid and climate change caused by humans.
The further material linked in the episode’s shownotes is also extensive, if you’d like to have a deeper dive into the topic.

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.

~ John Gall ~

Bleeptrack’s CCCamp19 logo generator

generated manu.computer logo

The truly magnificent Bleeptrack just published a CCCamp19 logo generator to help with creating last-minute logos for your crew or village. It’s available at cccamp19.bleeptrack.de

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I just listened to this Blackbulb podcast episode where the guest was Dr. Scott, who actually is a doctor, but also a street artist in Portland. They shared a lot of their wisdom on creativity and being an artist, but also on mental health and being a human being.

It’s only 40 minutes and I recommend this to anyone who’s struggling with creativity and/or mental health, or to anyone who just likes to feed their brain a bit.

 Chaos Communication Camp 2019

I will attend the Chaos Communication Camp this year, as I still hear stories from my peers about the perfect camp I missed 2015.

 Including notes in this weblog

I’m totally stealing Jamie’s idea on how to include bookmarks, favourites and date announcements in between posts.

The idea of collecting and publishing recommendable websites, articles and talks is not new to me, but on my older websites I kept them separately without any additional information.
Now they will appear in between my super infrequent posts. They will also appear in the RSS feed and have their own page that can be permalinked.

Gemini PDA: A keymat update

Last year I wrote about the Gemini PDA, which I received by taking part in a crowdfunding campaign. By that time I was super disappointed with the keyboard which has been advertised as a “mechanical full keyboard” (feel free to check the technical specifications on the Indiegogo campaign site), but in fact was a rubber dome one that was pretty underwhelming to type on.
From that realisation on, after some initial experiments with the Debian technical preview, my Gemini caught dust on the shelf.

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F(x)tec announces the Pro1 slider phone

I’ve always had a thing for smartphones with a physical keyboard. The first phones I really used were the Sony Xperia mini pro, which was surprisingly good to type on, and a Motorola Milestone 2 (aka Droid 2 global). I also own a Nokia N900 and a Motorola Milestone 4, since I know at least some Linux mainline work is done for those. Plus I have some unfinished business with my Gemini PDA.

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Running the “MediaTek SP Flash Tool” on Arch Linux

I’ve taken my Gemini PDA from the shelf lately, since I got updates on the keyboard that I deemed to terrible to use. The keyboard update will get a separate post once it’s finished.

I would like to use the Gemini as kind of a “mobile terminal” running Linux without a graphical interface. That’s a thing I would have to build on my own though, so I’m trying to get all the required parts figured out and running.

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The Nerds’ Underground Art Scene

The demoscene is something I stumbled upon not too long ago. While I’m not a real contributer myself, I enjoy the company of the open and welcoming sceners, plus their parties are really fun. If you should ever suffer from a serious lack of inspiration and motivation to do something creative, I highly recommend visiting a demoparty and starting conversations with the other attendees.

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Gemini PDA

Last year around this time was the first time I made a bigger contribution to a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo: the Gemini PDA

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Revision 2018

Revision is the name of the world’s biggest Demoscene party there is today, and I shared the experience this year.

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I had the pleasure to attend this year’s hackercamp in the Netherlands, the SHA2017 (“Still Hacking Anyways”). After missing out on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015, I immediately grabbed a ticket as soon as they were available.

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Nordlicht 2017

Last weekend was my first time to attend the Nordlicht demoparty, which was also my first visit to a demoparty at all (“demo” as in demoscene).

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