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Collage poems

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I’m trying myself at making collage poems, a thing I totally copied from my friend Riles. I cut out words and phrases from books and rearrange them in short pieces trying to transport emotions and sentiments.
It works wonders for calming myself down and trying to express myself.

This page gets updated as I create new pieces.

These pictures are licensed differently from the rest of my website, specifically under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means they additionally underly the “NC” (non-commercial) clause. Please don’t sell works from them for your own benefit.

I’ve changed. I think. (earlier)

i’ve changed i think

Footsteps on the stairs (earlier)

footsteps on the stairs

You wanna take a look? (earlier)

you wanna take a look?

Crushes (earlier)


Urge to cry (earlier)

urge to cry

Oncoming land (earlier)

oncoming land

The phoenix cried (2019-11-09)

the phoenix cried

The one (2019-11-09)

the one

Warm and funny romance (2020-01-13)

warm and funny romance

I could tell (2020-01-13)

i could tell

Out of a clear blue sky (2020-01-13)

out of a clear blue sky

The mysterious force (2020-01-13)

the mysterious force

She looks confused (2020-01-13)

she looks confused

Healer and Hero (2020-01-13)

healer and hero

A quick glance (2020-01-13)

a quick glance

A suitable comment (2020-01-13)

a suitable comment



On the way up (2020-01-20)

on the way up

No threat (2020-01-20)

no threat

Books I cut these phrases out from