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I try to listen to podcasts when doing mundane household tasks, chores, or when I’m sitting in a bus or train. I think I’m pretty spoiled in regard audio quality and professionalism, and that probably shows in the lists of podcasts I have subscribed to. I also don’t like when podcasts incorporate ads in some way.

On my journey through the podcast world I tried and encountered many different podcasts, and I will hereby try to give a list of recommendations. I try to explain why I like these podcasts, or why they are great in general, but not for me.

Here they are in alphabetical order (this list in yet incomplete):

English-language podcasts

Black Bulb: A Portland Art Podcast

This podcast consists of people interviewing all kinds of creative people, like artists or performers for example, from in and around Portland. For those who don’t know: Portland is known for it’s active music and art scene, and many artists move there to connect and network.

These interviews give interesting insights into various professions and art styles, and are just fun to listen to while doing physical work. Many guests are also interesting and inspiring people in itself, so most of the time listening to this podcast is an enriching experience to me.
Those interviews are also recorded on video, so you can get a better picture of the guests on Youtube.

Some episodes in they feature ads for some local distillery, which is not too much of a bother though.

The Manifest

The manifest is a podcast about package management. The two hosts mostly interview package manager maintainers of different programming language ecosystems, or talk to experts in specific topics like typosquatting or licensing.
It’s kind of a niche podcast, and the episodes aren’t released that frequently, but what’s already there provides a fairly deep look into problems specific to package management, and how different package managers solve them. There’s even transcripts of some episodes. I enjoy it for sure, and still haven’t listened to all existing episodes myself.

Podcasts with English and German episodes

Omega Tau

omega tau —Explaining the world of Science & Engineering”

This podcast pretty much does what it says on the tin. It has a slight focus on aerial engineering but also covers a variety of other science and engineering related topics. It’s usually an on-site interview with an expert on a specific field, may it be a London city rescue helicopter pilot, an elevator manufacturer or a forensic engineer. This also means that the audio quality can vary quite a bit, especially for factory visits.
This podcast has episodes in German and English, but provides separate dfeeds for them. I listen to both.

I like this podcast because it’s a good way to broaden one’s horizon and dip into topics I that are compeltely new to me. It’s also a good way to feed my brain.
It’s free of ads but does feature a somewhat long outro explaining the license terms (it’s CC BY-NC 4.0), and the German accent of the interviewer can show at times.
If that’s not a problem for you, this is a definite recommendation to at least try it out. There’s also plenty of topics to pick from with it’s currently 318 episodes, if you’re paticularly interested in a specific range of topics.a

German-language podcasts

Chaosradio Express

CRE ist ein Interviewpodcast von und mit Tim Pritlove, d.h. Gesprächsführung und Audio stimmen definitiv, und Werbung gibt es auch keine. Themen können alles mögliche sein: Chilipflanzen, Partykultur, die Bahn, Bluetooth, Typographie—kurz gesagt alles, was mit „Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft“ so zusammenzufassen ist.
Die Folgen dauern gerne etwas länger und es gibt bereits eine große Anzahl verfügbarer Sendungen.

Logbuch: Netzpolizik

Logbuch: Netzpolitik (kurz LNP) ist ein Podcast über das (deprimierende) aktuelle Geschehen in der Netzwelt im deutschsprachigen Raum, und über den Brexit.
Themen sind dabei gerne aktuelle Gesetzgebungen aus Deutschland, Österreich und der EU, Skandale und Themen aus der allgemeinen Berichterstattung, sowie chaosnahe Geschehnisse.

Der Podcast eigenet sich ganz gut, um sich netzpolitisch auf dem Laufenden zu halten, und in den Shownotes zur jeweiligen Folge Verweisen zu Folgen, um einzelne Themen zu vertiefen. Teilweise wird man allerdings mit einem bedrückenden Gefühl die netzpolitische Allgemeinsituation betreffend hinterlassen.